According to the cycles and types of crops we evaluate the market conditions for recruitment, seasonal hiring, management and retention of field workers, pollinators, machinery operators and those specialized positions in the agricultural sector, reducing the administrative burden and operational costs involved in the management of agricultural talent in those production processes that are not part of your Core Business.

We believe in professionalization and improving working conditions in the Mexican countryside, so our service guarantees compliance with Mexican regulations, having our collaborators:

  • A seasonal agricultural labor contract with legal compliance
  • Benefits equal or superior to the law
  • Real payroll receipt stamped for signature

Our In Plant will be allies in the control and reduction of absenteeism, ensuring to maintain full crews required for the proper cultural activities, harvesting and those tasks required by the crop.

The health of the agricultural personnel is paramount, so together with our strategic partners we elaborate health, nutritional, vaccination, human rights, prevention and safety at work campaigns. In addition to incorporating medical care on site.

Being strategic partners, we not only take care of the agricultural talent, but also of the management of tools and services that are required on site for our employees to develop the service. We elaborate those reports that allow you a total knowledge for decision making.

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