Outsourced Talent

We recruit, hire and manage specialized Human Capital, reducing the administrative burden and operational costs involved in talent management in those business processes that do not represent direct tasks of your Core Business.

In addition, our solution allows you to cover temporary positions for your projects, incapacities or high production peaks or in the provision of services.

Our service guarantees compliance with Mexican regulations, having our collaborators:

  • Labor contract with legal compliance
  • Benefits equal to or higher than those required by law
  • Real stamped payroll receipt

We minimize labor risks or conflicts, taking care of the non-bonding of our collaborators by providing them with our service. Backed by psychometric evaluations and work references, which allows us to strengthen the recruitment process and detect conflictive candidates.

As strategic partners, we not only take care of the talent, but also of the management of the tools required by our collaborators for the development of the service. We elaborate those reports that allow you a total knowledge for decision making.

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