Once the necessary information has been parameterized and loaded into our system, we are ready to process your employees’ payroll according to the periods you have established. We guarantee total accuracy in the determination of perceptions and deductions through the incidences presented.

Our payroll system is highly functional, allowing you to generate the calculation in an agile way, pyramid salaries if required, issue and consult reports according to your needs.

We elaborate reports on tax, accounting and social security matters, in addition to providing support in procedures and requirements by our specialists.

In order to focus on your Core Business, we unload administrative activities in social security by taking control of INFONAVIT and INFONACOT credit discounts, in addition to following up on disabilities and occupational hazards registered with the IMSS.

Some of our deliverables are:

  • Layout for banking portal, contributions to savings fund or food and gasoline vouchers
  • Special payroll issuance
  • Calculation and issuance of severance payments
  • Stamping of payroll receipts
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