Psychometric Evaluations

Our different batteries will allow you to strengthen your recruitment processes and performance of your talent, knowing personality traits, behavioral, skills according to the hierarchical level of the profile to be evaluated and the technical and soft skills.

Our comprehensive report will allow you to know the results of the tests easily for decision-making.

Intelligence Tests

It allows us to evaluate the ability to process the information received from the environment to provide solutions according to their level and functionality within the organization.


We will evaluate the role that people present in their interaction with the environment and behavioral changes by positive motivators or under pressure, as well as its adequacy of the person to the job and the group.

Behavior by COVID-19

With our batteries you will be able to evaluate two phases: the first is the behavior of your employees performing functions through the Home Offices modality, performance, achievement orientation, stability, dynamism and work ethic. The second phase will allow you to evaluate if your employees are ready to work in a face-to-face mode, detecting traits of anxiety for COVID-19, loyalty and possible social, organizational and personal risks.


It will allow you to evaluate on a scale of values that motivates you to act and decide behavioral traits, as well as those required for an adaptation to work in a group and motivation. As well as their areas of opportunity.


We evaluate the psychological construct of a set of physical, social and genetic characteristics, as well as aspects in various dimensions, self-perception, temperament, impulse management, responsibilities and formality.


Our psychologists evaluate personality traits, behavior and emotions rooted in your subconscious, projecting them through drawing pictures and guided sequences of the collaborators.

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